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Use our app and save time in data capture, documentation and specification checking. Spend more time to observe the welds than writing on a piece of paper.

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An intelligent weld inspection app that will absolutely save you time. Works with GMAW, SMAW, FCAW

Built in Stop watch

For calculating travel speed

Pen & Paperless, Self calculating

Instantly get travel speed and heat input calculations

Fast & easy to use, works offline

Use the app even when you don't have internet connection

No second guessing

Get exact calculations based on your data input


Calculate heat input from GMAW Energy.

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Time Saving

Spend your valuable time doing other scopes of work

Emails your results

So you can transfer them to your own template. Work is added to an excel sheet.

No waiting or cross referencing WPDS sheets

Import your own WPDS into the backend and have the app check the welds against specs

No failure acceptance

Moves to the next weld only when the current weld is within specs


Simple monthly subscription pricing

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